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ZUS Smart Car Charger Reviewed

ZUS Smart Car Charger

Why settle for a regular USB charger for your vehicle when you can make it do more? For example, you can use it to track your car’s location, monitor the health of your battery, and even help you avoid paying parking tickets. These are on top of efficiency and speed of charging! If you want all these, what you are looking for is ZUS smart car charger.


Nonda, the makers behind ZUS smart car charger, wanted to come up with a stylish, elegant device, and it’s able to achieve its goal. The device uses titanium coating and a military-grade plastic that allows the device to withstand abnormal hot temperatures. Its structure can easily pass it as Iron Man’s USB. The only issue we could see with the design is the placement of the USB ports, which are on the sides. The side ports will be tight in cars with smaller areas. Fortunately, this wasn’t an issue for us.


The ZUS smart car charger has a lot of cool and functional features. One, you can pair it with a mobile app that allows you to perform many tasks including monitoring battery, set parking timer, log your business miles, and save your parking location. It also comes with LED lights so you can find the USB ports immediately when there is insufficient indoor lighting.

Most of all, it can charge very fast! It has a speed twice that of a regular charger, and you can charge two Apple devices simultaneously. Furthermore, you can use it together with the ZUS super duty cable for a full rugged solution.

Although all these features make the device efficient, they may prove to be complicated for people who simply want a regular charger.

Final Thoughts

The standard edition of the ZUS smart car charger costs more than regular chargers. However, the ZUS smart car chargers give you the best of two worlds: a reliable, fast charger that can handle multiple devices at once and an app that lets you become a better driver and a car owner.

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