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ZUS Smart Key Finder (iHere) Reviewed

ZUS Smart Key Finder

Do you want to be the master of tech? If you want to be in full control over your keys and phones, there’s one device you should consider getting. It’s called iHere. Portable and well designed, it lets you manage these prone-to-get-missing items.  Find out what made it a standout and worth the money you pay.


iHere is a portable and small device you can attach on your key. It measures 1.5 inches in length, 0.36 inches in width, and 1.4 inches in height. It is a triangular device that is made of durable plastic. It is available in only one colour, which is white, making it appear a sleek, trendy item to have.


iHere is may be small, but it packs a lot of great features. This key finder comes with a hole so you can dangle it with your keys and not have a hard time looking for them. The hole is enough to keep more than four keys. It works with Bluetooth 3.0, and it has a large coverage of 75 feet.

This isn’t the first key finder that works through Bluetooth, however, so what makes it different? This is the first of its kind to be rechargeable. In other words, you spend less money on its maintenance. And since this comes from Nonda, which also creates some of the strongest charger cables, this is made of a durable material.

iHere also has another purpose, and that’s keeping track of your phone. You can install its mobile app equivalent. With it, you will receive alerts in case your phone moves a certain distance away from you. You will also be able to ring an iPhone even when it’s on silent mode. But one of the best features we found was that you can use the ZUS Smart Key Finder as a remote trigger to take selfies from your iPhone.

Final Thoughts

The size of iHere may be both good and bad. Although it becomes portable, it is also very easy to lose. But once you get past its design, you will find this handy and helpful especially if you’re one susceptible to missing things. It is durable and easy to maintain. It’s relatively low cost and therefore, great value for money. The remote camera trigger alone would be enough for us to grab one.

Hopefully, with iHere, you’ll never lose valuable items again.

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