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Youtube Bringing HDR Support to Their Video Sharing Platform

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HDR – High Dynamic Range, is a photography method to add more dynamic range to photographs. Instead of taking one image, HDR takes three at different exposures, and combines images and chooses best parts of each photos. Getting the perfect dynamic light to dark ratio of a photo.

In terms of video, High Dynamic Range expands the range of the two most important factors in a how video looks – the contrast ratio, and colour accuracy. It expands the range of both contrast ratio, and colour accuracy by making images brighter providing more “depth”, and showing brighter colours, offering a more realistic and more natural image.

HDR is gaining momentum and support from content providers such as Amazon Instant Video, and Netflix. Hardware manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic have jumped on the bandwagon and announced support for the format.

The HDR standard is arriving with the new Ultra HD 4k Blu-ray format. The differences between standard imaging and HDR will not be noticeable early on as users will need an HDR-enabled source and an HDR-enabled compatible viewing device to fully appreciate what HDR has to offer.

There are no details as of yet to when Youtube will actually start rolling out HDR support.

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