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XTRFY H1 Pro Gaming Headset Reviewed

Xtrfy H1

The XTRFY H1 Pro gaming headset is one of the first few pieces of hardware to have been designed with electronic sports in mind. Built, in collaboration with top electronic sports athletes, and with the full backing and support of the electronic sports community it’s shaping up to be one to beat.

Similar in design to some of the other popular gaming headsets out there on the market today, this particular option includes a number of proprietary features from the manufacturer that are not available elsewhere. Quality has been upgraded significantly, fit and finish is upgraded across the board, and the comfort level of this headset is maybe the best in the business.

The feel of the XTRFY H1 Pro headset is almost unbelievably comfortable, especially compared to competing options at this price point. The headphones have been designed to rest gently on your head rather than apply a lot of pressure to keep them in place, alleviating stress on pressure points that can cause headaches when wearing headsets for a long stretch of time.

The padding makes the H1’s super comfy to wear for extended periods

A 100% analog set up, the XTRFY H1 Pro headset uses a 3.5mm headphone jack for operation. This means it isn’t going to feature wireless technology, but for that trade-off, you get dramatically improved audio quality, audio consistency, and never have to worry about any input lag delaying your communications or stopping you from hearing an enemy ASAP.

Nothing beats old school controls

The audio fidelity on the XTRFY H1 Pro headset is top-tier as well. Low-end sounds have a lot of punch and body, the midrange sound out of this unit is warm and authentic, and the high notes are controlled even though there is a little bit of audio loss at the top end of the scale.

Use of a dedicated DAC is recommended as you’ll be able to clear up a lot of the muddy vocal qualities that might otherwise come through, but even as a standalone the XTRFY H1 Pro headset is pretty top-tier.

Tuned right out of the box with gaming in mind, you’re going to get a headset that allows you to effortlessly communicate with your squadmates or teammates but also guarantees that you pick up on even the smallest and subtlest of audio cues while gaming. This guarantees that you are “locked-in” to the environment around you and will definitely give you a competitive advantage over other players that aren’t using the XTRFY H1 Pro headset.

All things considered, you really can’t go wrong adding the XTRFY H1 Pro set up to your gaming hardware!