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XCOM® 2 Collection Switch

The XCOM games have been storming the market since 2012, when 2K Games released XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Considered one of the best turn-based strategy games on the market, the XCOM 2 Collection follows its predecessor’s footsteps with engaging gameplay and customizations to make your crew as realistic as possible.

Starting Your Mission

With the world as you know it currently being under the rule of a human and Advent Coalition, it appears that your last mission has failed, and this is the undesirable outcome. After two decades of being in alien captivity, you have busted out and learned of malicious secrets being kept by the advents to hide their true motives regarding becoming part of this disturbing coalition. 

You gather your team and travel around the globe uncovering the secrets of the advents and building a resistance movement. XCOM 2 has you spending time mobilizing to provide support for emerging supportive resistance groups, expanding your network of allies, and of course, taking down your enemies. 

The Strategy

Most missions start with your squad hidden from enemy radar, giving you the chance to position and prepare before the attack. Not only are you in charge of combat strategy, but you are also continually juggling research and technology for the resistance, resource management, opening new camps, labs, workspaces, and more. 

As Commander, this engaging strategy game also has you deciding where and when to spend valuable resources when to execute ship expansions, and how to use essential resources and credits, which will affect you and your crew on the battlefield.

What’s Included?

 XCOM 2’s new Collection for Nintendo Switch includes; XCOM 2, Four DLC packs including; Resistance Warrior Pack, Anarchy’s Children, Shen’s Last Gift, and Alien Hunters), and XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. With the additions to XCOM 2, you will be provided with some game-changing expansions and some out of this world missions, taking your gameplay to new heights.