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XBMC Becomes Kodi with v14.0 (codename Helix)

XBMC to change to Kodi

XBMC to change to Kodi

Xbox Media Player, Xbox Media Centre and finally XBMC has been a household name amongst media centre enthusiasts since 2002:

Since 2002, the software known as XBMC has gone through three namings. First, it was called Xbox Media Player. Upon realizing that it did a bit more than your traditional media player, in 2004 the development team elected to rename it Xbox Media Center. A mere 4 years later in 2008, the team once again elected to rename the software to simply XBMC, given that it had moved on from its original roots on the Xbox. Support for the Xbox was dropped shortly thereafter.

The team today announced that with version 14 of the popular media software, a name change will also occur. XBMC ends with version 13, and Kodi will commence with version 14. The announcement met with mixed feelings on Facebook with a couple of users joking about it being an April 1st prank (in August). A detailed explanation behind the name change is on their site but for now users will need to start getting used to Kodi.


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