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With Brother QL-1100, Easier and Faster High Quality Printing Is Possible

Brother QL-1100

Brother, one of the leading manufacturers of computer printers for commercial and personal purposes has come up with a very versatile printer that can fulfill the needs of a broad range of commercial users. This is the Brother QL-1100 thermal printer. All sizes of businesses, big or small, will find this printer very useful. No matter what kind of business will use this printer, it will deliver versatile performance that will help it run its operations smoothly and efficiently.

The Brother QL-1100 is a high-speed thermal printer that is designed to print cost-effective yet high-quality labels. This printer is able to print up to 102 mm-wide labels. Commercial enterprises that require printing of postage, shipping and product labels, as well as envelopes, file folders, IDs and visitor badges will find the Brother QL-1100 a good addition to their operations.

Important Features Of Brother QL-1100

Here are some of the more interesting features of the Brother QL-1100:

  • Fast printing speed – it can print 69 labels per minute
  • Automatic label cutter – this will facilitate the rate of production
  • USB 2.0 – for easy connectivity
  • 300 x 300 DPI resolution – high-quality printing, perfect for graphics and logos
  • P-Touch Editor software – enables editing of label design with the capability to print barcodes
  • Prints die cut labels or continuous rolls
  • Unit comes with Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Windows and Android
  • Can support both PC and Mac

Here are the key specifications of the Brother QL-1100:

  • Standard memory – 99 templates or equivalent to 7.8 MB
  • Printing Method – Direct Thermal
  • Network ready labeler that can print up to 102 mm-wide labels
  • Hardware type – Desktop
  • Maximum print width – 4 inches
  • Maximum tape width – 4 inches
  • Maximum label length – 3 feet
  • Weight – 4 pounds

Save Time And Money With Brother QL-1100’s Auto-Crop Feature

With the Brother QL-1100, a business will be able to save time and money. It has an auto-crop capability that will facilitate the printing of labels. By automatically cropping the labels, the use of raw materials (paper) will be economized as well. This feature will enable businesses to print labels using existing PDF files directly. There is no need to format the files if the business is using Windows. This printer also allows the user to print only a section of the label or an entire sheet of labels.

Printing On The Go Is Possible With The Brother QL-1100

Brother QL-1100 Print Sample

The Brother QL-1100 is supplied with a software app for mobiles that can be used by businesses to print labels on the go. This makes it possible to print labels directly from iOS (Airprint) or Android smartphones. With this feature, businesses will have more flexibility in printing their labels.

Printing High-Quality Labels Will Be Easier And Faster With The Brother QL-1100

The Brother QL-1100 comes with the P-Touch Editor software that makes label printing easier and faster. There are different types of apps of label designs that can be used for mobile devices and desktop PCs. Businesses will be able to design labels with frames, barcodes, logos and images easier and faster by using the P-Touch Editor Lite which is built-in with the unit.

Final Thoughts

The Brother QL-1100 is a printer that can print high-quality labels easier, faster, wider, longer and with more flexibility. It will be a good addition to the printing equipment of businesses that want to provide better services to their customers.