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We Take a Look at the HUAWEI GT Active


There is a myriad of different brands of watches out there in the world. Some instantly recognisable like Rolex, while others are a bit more obscured and out of the way. However, there is no denying the Huawei brand, or it is a new brand of line-up watches known as the GT series.

Recently, Huawei added two new watches to the HUAWEI GT series, the Active and Elegant versions. For this mini-review, we will examine the Active variant.

Key features of the HUAWEI GT Active include:

  • 46mm watch face – same as the GT Classic and Sport
  • Innovative dual-chipset with smart power-saving technology
  • Up to two-week battery life with typical use

The Active watch from the HUAWEI GT line-up is a classy, sleek, stylus watch wrapped up in a bright, beautiful orange band and a stainless steel case.


The GT Active not only looks the part but plays the role, too. The device is the perfect accessory for those that are always on the move. Whether it is for exercise, travelling, or work, the GT Active from Huawei is the perfect accessory for the people who are always moving.

The HUAWEI GT Active also features real-time heart rate monitoring. With Huawei’s TruSeen 3.0 technologies, you will get the most accurate and efficient measurement of your heart-rate via its self-learning programming and innovative sensors technologies.

On top of that, the device has GPS tracking capabilities, offering world-wide coverage for faster and more comfortable positioning. Even more so, the watch is capable of diagnosing common sleep-related issues and problems, providing more then 200-potential suggestions to ensure you get the sleep you deserve.

Moreover, the face of the watch is entirely customizable. Do not like the default face image? Change it to something else that is better. The power is in your hands at all times, no matter where you might be.

All and all, this is a tremendously fantastic watch from Huawei. The amount of versatility, uniqueness, and power that you receive with this smart-watch makes it an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a new watch.