Waking Up To Your Favorite Tunes: A Review of Laser’s Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock







Laser Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

What if you didn’t have to wake up to the annoying sound of your clock and instead got a chance to wake up to your favorite tunes? Well, with the Laser Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock and Bluetooth Speaker, you can. Waking up every morning as never been more pleasant than this. If you are someone who wakes up in the morning in a cranky mood owing to the constant beeping of your alarm clock, this is one way to get you into a better mood.

The Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock is an innovative take on traditional alarm clocks that surely needed an upgrade. It can perform all the functions that a conventional alarm clock would, with so much more.

Charge Up Your Devices

One of the first features that the Laser Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock offers is the multiple charging ports that you can use to charge all of your devices. If you have multiple devices that you would like to charge at once, this is an easy and efficient way to get the task done. With three USB ports, this alarm clock is already shaping up to be better than the traditional options that currently exist.

Rear Ports on the Laser Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

Listen To Music, Everywhere You Go

If you want to take the Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock into the kitchen to listen to music? Pick it up and take it along with you. Want to listen to some smooth music while sinking into a nice warm bath? The alarm clock can do that too. No matter where you go, the Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock can come along with you.

Waking Up To Your Favorite Tunes

There have been multiple instances where you have not been able to wake up because your phone either died during the night or because you simply hit the end button by mistake when you alarm rang instead of the snooze. With the Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock, you can set two different alarms, set to two different radio stations. If you want your first one to be oriental hip-hop and the second one death metal to get you out of bed, there’s nothing to stop you from doing it. Waking up in the morning is never going to be the same.

As an alarm clock, the Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock is undoubtedly power-packed with more features than traditional alarm clocks, which is also what makes this product so efficient and functional, and a must buy!

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