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VT-d Pass-through with ASRock Z87M Pro4

ESXi Device Passthrough

I can confirm that VT-d pass-through appears to be working just fine with the new ASRock Z87M Pro motherboard. I don’t have a need for it just yet but all the options appear to be available and it’s showing as enabled in the BIOS.

The internal SATA isn’t showing up on the list though, it could just be because I haven’t got any devices plug into it. I haven’t had the time to verify but if someone else has, please drop a comment below.

And my USB devices were able to passthrough without incident as well.


5 thoughts on “VT-d Pass-through with ASRock Z87M Pro4”

  1. I have the same motherboard (ASRock Z87M Extreme 4), and it doesn’t show the onboard SATA as a passthrough option in ESXi 5.1u1, either. Any luck with this? I’d like to pass the onboard SATA to a storage vm and just use an addon controller for the datastore(s). Appreciate the post.

  2. It is thanks to this blog that I am able to go and buy a VMWare whitebox myself. Like you I found the performance of the HP Microserver a bit slow for anything interesting other than basic file serving, so I’ve bought a Haswell i5-4570S, Z87 Extreme 4 Motherboard, and rackmounted case (I have a full 24U rack as I am a Cisco engineer by trade) 🙂 I am especially pleased that the P410 can be passed through. I assume yours has the latest 6.00 firmware on it too?

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