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V-Fitness Smartwatch

Smartwatch technology has grown by leaps and bounds over just the last four or five years, combining traditional digital watch technology with the same kind of space-age tech we find in our favourite smartphones and tablets.

Some smartwatches, however, are smarter than others – and the V-Fitness Smart Watch falls into that category.

Engineered to help those looking to maximize their fitness, their health, and their wellness, everything about this smartwatch has been carefully considered to give you the raw data and details you need to boost your performance.

Pairing with Android or iOS, you’re able to track your steps, monitor your heart rate, track your overall activity levels, and are then able to use the data and analytics to improve your training and your performance across the board.

This fitness focus smartwatch also features water-resistant technology, with an IPX8 rating. You’ll be able to wear this watch while you are running (rain or shine) cycling in any weather, and even when you go for a swim – all with your fitness activities tracked in detail.

You make the most of the V-Fitness Smart Watch when you combine it with other fitness-focused applications. The raw data and analytics contained within this watch can be transported over to your smartphone, your tablet, or a computer for more in-depth analysis.

Overall, the watch performed as described. It’s no Apple Watch, but neither is the price.