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Upgrading ESXi from 5.1 to 5.5 on ASRock Z87M-Pro4 Whitebox

Late last month, VMware made ESXi 5.5 available for general download. This is great timing as I was thinking about patching my generic ESXi 5.1 whitebox server with the latest 5.1 updates and I still needed to test SATA pass-through on the ASRock Z87M Pro4.

Over the weekend I took the plunge and upgraded my server. It was a painless process and couldn’t have been any easier. The windows client was updated at the same time.

ESXi 5.5 Login Screen

The first thing you will notice is the extra long login box – VMware are moving towards a web client for vSphere. This traditional version of vSphere client will have all of the previous functionality but none of the new stuff.

As for SATA pass-through on the ASRock Z87M Pro4, this wasn’t working for me. The SATA port/device wouldn’t appear in the list.

ESXi 5.5 Hardware Passthrough

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