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Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Review – Is it the Best Affordable Waterproof Speaker?


Ultimate Ears (UE) is certainly no pushover when it comes to quality audio equipment. The Logitech owned brand is well respected for their lineup of pro-grade and high-end audio devices. Their Boom lineup of Bluetooth speakers is favorite top five contenders, despite a premium price. At roughly half the size of the flagship Boom 2, the WONDERBOOM is a cute little speaker that packs a fearsome punch. Let’s see if this Ewok sized speaker lives up to the expectations laid by its bigger siblings in this short but punchy review.

Compact Mini Speaker

At just 10 cm tall and around 9 cm across, the WONDERBOOM is shorter and thicker than the much taller Boom 2. At around 1lbs, it certainly has a fair bit of heft but is very easy to carry around. It is definitely not an ultra-portable device that you can throw into your bag or pocket with ease. But it is still small and light enough to carry around through the day. It has a hanging loop that you can attach to your finger, backpack, or bicycle with ease.

Water Resistant Design

This is one of the highlights of the Boom lineup, and the WONDERBOOM also gets the full treatment. Are you looking for a speaker you can use in the shower, on the beach, or for a poolside party? The WONDERBOOM certainly has what it takes to survive in such wet conditions. If you drop it in the water, it can float. It might even continue blasting out your favorite beats in the water, but do note that it is not designed to be submerged for extended periods.

Built Like a Tank

This cylinder looks pretty well put together. UE has subjected their speaker to extensive drop tests. The speaker is guaranteed to survive falls from heights of up to 5 feet. It also has shock resistant construction. If you fancy a kickaround with this speaker, it will probably survive the experience with ease. But we wouldn’t recommend it, nonetheless!

Loud Enough to Impress

That, in a nutshell, captures what this speaker is all about. It has 360 degrees sound output. If you judge it based on looks alone, you will be surprised by the loudness, and the bass performance especially. Low and midrange does suffer a bit here and there, but that effect only makes itself felt in some songs. In most bass heavy songs, the WONDERBOOM does an excellent job, especially when you take into account its size. It is not good enough to take on the Boom 2, but it doesn’t have to be. It is a top performer in the mini/micro Bluetooth speaker category.

Charging port on the WONDERBOOM

Simple Controls and Pairing

It is better than the Boom 2, and Mega Boom is some respects though. Chief among them being controls. It has a button on the top, sitting right under the UE logo. The other speakers do not have this feature. You can use single and double press to play, pause, and skip tracks. You can also create a multi-speaker system using another WONDERBOOM using the same button. But you cannot have them work as left and right speakers though.

Excellent Battery and Charging Options

UE promises 10 hours of uninterrupted audio on a single charge. That is pretty impressive for such a diminutive speaker. You can easily several days’ worth of usage with a fully charged WONDERBOOM speaker. And it also can recharge while sitting upright. In a pinch, you can leave the speaker plugged and playing music.

Freestyle Collection

If you are wanting some variety to the standard designs, you can also check out the recently released Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Freestyle Collection.

The Freestyle Collection comes in three unique designs:

  • Concrete – A neutral look inspired by urban textures and shadows
  • Avocado – A subtle and hipster look and feel
  • Unicorn – The name speaks for itself really

Final Thoughts

The UE WONDERBOOM is a fantastic choice for those who need a portable and durable party speaker. The WONDERBOOM is available in a new range of colors, which should make it an attractive choice for the young and hip crowd. The speakers are available in three different colors and patterns, ranging from edgy concrete grey to loud raspberry pink, cool avocado green, patches and unicorn designs. If you want an affordable Bluetooth speaker with solid performance, these come highly recommended.

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