Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2: All You Need To Know

In the market for a portable and nifty speaker? Looking for that perfect blend of smooth performance and powerful audio that is specifically tuned for listening to music outdoors? Well, look no further, because the new and improved Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 has got you covered.

Whether you’re lounging by the poolside on a hot sunny day, out on the beach with friends or at an impromptu rave, the WONDERBOOM 2 brings great quality audio and life to the party with all the great feature of the original WONDERBOOM, with the added updates that really take this speaker up a notch. With an IP67 rating, this speaker is waterproof, and can sustain a splash, should the need arise. It is also dust-free and is perfect for the outdoors.

Accessibility and Control

The WONDERBOOM 2 comes with easy set-up and control facilities. You can use the big button on top to pause, play or skip, and of course, you can just as easily adjust the volume using the big neon +/- that is mounted on the body of the speaker.

Range and Audio

With a maximum sound level of 86 dB in the standard mode, and 87 dB in the Outdoor-Boost mode, this speaker has a frequency range of 75 Hz to 20kHz.

What really sets it apart is that you can easily pair your WONDERBOOM 2 with another speaker, crank up the volume and optimise on the extra bass, without compromising on the quality of sound. It can also wirelessly play or stream music, with a range of up to 30m.


How big is it, you ask? Well, this nifty little portable speaker weighs less than half a kilo at 420g, is 104mm tall, with a diameter of 95.3 mm, for easy portability that will not weigh you down. It also has a wraparound grille, which helps it amplify music, boasting of 360 degrees audio.

Battery Life and Power  

If you’re wondering just how long the WONDERBOOM 2 can run, unlike the original WONDERBOOM that had a battery life of just 10 hours, it is equipped with a battery life of up to 13 hours, with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With a BC1.2 compliant adapter, it only takes 2.5 hours to charge up your WONDERBOOM 2 and you’re all set to go out and play music, dance and have the time of your life.

The WONDERBOOM 2 is a veritable steal at the affordable price it is sold, and it comes with a two-year warranty. Did I mention it comes in five colours: Just Peach, Bermuda Blue, Radical Red, Crushed Ice Grey and Deep Space Black.

With its effective and loud audio capacity, its water and dust-proof speakers and its 360-degree audio quality range, the WONDERBOOM 2 is a great buy if you are looking to bring your music along with you outdoors.