TP-Link has a modern new look

New TP-Link logo
New TP-Link logo

One of our favourite network product companies, TP-Link, have re-launched their website and brand with a fresh new look. After 20 years as a global provider of network products, TP-Link have a new logo that represents the evolution of the organisation over that time.

The old vs new TP-Link logo
The old vs new TP-Link logo

“Our new logo is the centerpiece of our brand identity. It anchors the look of our visual communication to our core principle: simplicity that powers achievement.” – source TP-Link

The rebranding includes:

  • New logo
  • New “Reliably Smart” tagline
  • New Iconography
  • Updated website and apps
  • Updated product packaging

The changes seem consistent with the recent GUI changes we saw during our product reviews with their web based management software on the routers. It’s always great to see technology companies remembering to focus on the user experience as well as the tech. We look forward to seeing what else comes out of TP-Link this year.

Post Author: Noeneel Sharma

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