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TP-Link KP303 Smart Wi-Fi Powerboard with Surge Protection

Keeping your modern electronics (electronics that can be a little bit delicate, particularly when hit with a big surge of power) safe and protected should always be priority number one. Especially considering just how expensive these kinds of devices can be to put place.

Unfortunately, old-school and traditional surge protectors usually aren’t designed to give you the kind of top-tier protection your modern devices demand. Many of these devices do not offer the same sort of “smart outlet” technology that allows independent control of each outlet on the surge protector. That means that these traditional pieces of hardware are only as safe as the weakest link in the chain.

You won’t have those problems with the TP-Link KP303 Smart Wi-Fi Powerboard.

TP-Link KP303 Smart Wi-Fi Powerboard

The KP303 is designed to provide you with top to bottom surge protection. You’ll find that every one of these TP-Link KP303s can protect up to five different appliances or electronics – with two “always-on” USB slots available on these surge protectors as well.

The shield technology built into every one of these pieces of hardware is engineered to resist even the most powerful of energy surges, particularly the energy surges during thunderstorms. You are going to be able to insulate your modern devices from these disruptive energy surges in a way that legacy technology can’t.

Use the app to easily manage the powered outlets

Best of all, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity of the TP-Link Powerboards you are going to be able to control these pieces of hardware from your mobile device as long as it has an active online connection. This allows you to administrate the “on/off” capabilities of these power boards but also gives you an opportunity to use voice control and Smart Home technology in conjunction with these protectors, too.