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TP-Link KL60 – The Kasa Filament Smart Bulb, Warm Amber

TP-Link KL60

LED lightbulbs offer so many advantages over traditional, filament style lightbulbs that it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone choosing filament style lightbulbs – except for the look, style, and aesthetic that they bring to the table.

That said, many consider traditional LED lightbulbs to be a little bit too bright, little too brilliant, and a little too “clinical”. A lot of this is because of the harsh, white light spectrum that most LED lightbulbs put out compared to the softer, yellow/orange glow that filament style bulbs are known for.

That’s where the TP-Link KL60 Lightbulb comes into play.

Designed to look identical to traditional filament lightbulbs, you’ll be blown away at how perfect the lighting and colour of this style of bulb is when you install it throughout your home.

Features and appearance make this an attractive LED bulb for older homes

You’ll get 40 W of light that you’ll have total control over (this is a Wi-Fi enabled LED smart lightbulb, after all) but you’ll also have that traditional filament look that so many folks appreciate.

Best of all, the TP-Link KL60 Lightbulb ties directly into Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart home solutions.

Of course, you can also download the mobile application for controlling the TP-Link KL60 Lightbulb on your Android or iOS phone or tablet, too. The TP-Link mobile application is one of the easiest ways to get this lightbulb set up and running on your home network. Still, it’s also a great way to schedule your lighting system, to tie it into different “lighting groups” throughout your home, and to take full advantage of all the other smart capabilities this bulb has to offer.