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TP-Link KL130 – A Multicolour Smart Wi-Fi Bulb

Kasa Smart Light Bulb, Multi-colour (KL130)

Home automation tools and technology are red-hot right now and for obvious reasons. The technology itself is better than it has ever been before, more affordable than it has ever been before, and more accessible than it has ever been before.

Smart lightbulbs that take advantage of Wi-Fi technology, like the TP-Link KL130 Smart Bulb, are transforming the way that we light our homes on a day to day basis. No longer are these lightbulbs considered only by those working irregular hours that want to turn the lights on before they get home, those that want lights that go on and off while they are on vacation, and others that want to be out on the bleeding edge of technology.

No, today smart lightbulbs like these – like the TP-Link KL130 Smart Bulbs – are designed to be taken advantage of by people that want to make the lighting situation in their homes much better every day.

For starters, these lightbulbs offer controllable light quality in a way that is impossible to pull off with traditional bolts. The LED technology alone is a game-changer (not only from a lighting standpoint but from an energy consumption standpoint as well). When you pair it with Wi-Fi control – from any different number of mobile applications and Smart Home appliances – you’re talking about something personal here.

Use the app to select a colour

On top of that, these lightbulbs can be configured to show a multitude of different colours. When using the Wi-Fi application, you can change the colour, the strength, and the vibrancy of the LED light bulbs on the fly, too.

Long-lasting, durable, and accessible there’s a reason why these lightbulbs continue to be amongst some of the most popular Wi-Fi enabled options on the market today.