TP-Link CP230 3-Port USB Car Charger Reviewed

TP-Link CP230 3-Port USB Car Charger Reviewed




    Build Quality





        • Smart charging technology
        • Universal compatibility


        • No app integration
        Charging an iPhone 7 Plus with the CP230

        With the TP-Link CP230 3-port USB car charger, you will never have to worry about having your devices run out of power when you’re on the go again! Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or a long-haul road trip, this handy car charger makes it possible to fully charge all of your devices when you’re out and about. Outfitted with TP-Link Smart Charging technology, as well as circuit protection, the TP-Link CP230 car charger powers devices up to 65 percent faster than other standard chargers and offers you up to 9 hours of additional talk time on your mobile phone. The charger is also designed with a sophisticated circuit design, which means you will be protected from over-heating, over-charging, excessive current and short circuiting.

        Key Features

        The TP Link 3 Port CP230 car charger boasts several features, with the most notable including:

        • Over heating protection
        • Over current protection
        • Over charging protection
        • Short circuit protection
        • Built-in LED power indicator light
        • Universal compatibility


        This 3-port car charger is designed to be considerate. Its crown design makes ensures that the charger is placed in the proper position and that all devices are connected in the most convenient way possible.

        This means that you don’t have to worry about the charger not connecting with the power source. It also means that you don’t have to deal with your device – or your charger – getting in the way of driving.

        The universal compatibility design is compatible with all iOS, Windows and Android devices. It is also compatible with most other devices that are charged via USB, including GPS navigation and Event Data Recorders. The TP Link 3-Port CP230 charger is also designed to work with most of the car models that are currently on the market.


        • An output interface of 3 USB-A 2.0 ports
        • 5 voltage output
        • Maximum charging port output of 5 volts
        • Dimensions (W x H x D) = 44 x 85 x 29 mm


        If you are ever in need of extra power to charge up your devices when you’re on the go, the TP Link 3-Port CP230 charger will certainly provide you with the extra power that you need, and will do so safely.

        TP-Link 3-Port 6.6A 33W USB Car Charger with TP-Link Smart Charging Technology Silver Blonde Cap & Blue LED Indicator for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, Bluetooth Speaker Headphone

        Features: High-Speed Travel-Ready Charger: Universal voltage compatibility allows you to charge at high-speed wherever you are driving huge cars like truck or mini cars like Microcar., High-Speed Universal Charging: TP-Link Smart Charging, intelligently identifies the connected devices and delivers the possible fastest charge, working well with smart devices running iOS, Android and most other USB-charged devices., Powerful 6.6A/ 33W Output: Deliver the highest possible output to 3 of any devices at the same time, from devices with large battery like tablets, iPad and digital camera, to gadgets with tiny battery like smart band., Protected and Certified: 100% safe charging with over-voltage, over current, over-heating, short circuit, power overload, electro static discharge and power surge. Recyclable / FCC / RoHS / WEEE / Green Dot Certified., Modern Design: Ultra-compact build, twin USB ports, soft blue LED Blue indicator with glory silver blonde cap on the top

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