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TP-Link 4G+ Cat6 AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router (Archer MR600)

TP-Link Archer MR600

Trying to find a way (without tethering) to turn your mobile data plan into a useful Wi-Fi network supporting ethernet connections at home, at the office, or on the go used to be an almost impossibility.

The hardware to pull this off either wasn’t all that great, affordable or flat out didn’t perform to expectations until just a few short years ago. Today, however – thanks in large part to new routers like the TP-Link MR600 – it’s a lot easier to turn your 4G mobile SIM card into a legitimate Wi-Fi set up without a lot of headache or hassle whatsoever.

Let’s dive right in!

Effortless Internet

It’s kind of interesting that more router manufacturers don’t support sim cards, especially with 5G here. That said, the TP-Link MR600 Wi-Fi router feels like something that should have existed for as long as 4G mobile data plans have.

One of the coolest things about this particular set up is that it can utilize mobile data connections on the move without any real headache or hassle, allowing you to operate a traditional Wi-Fi network with this as your internet access point.

This is particularly useful for rural customers that do not have existing internet infrastructure to support high-speed aside from 4G wireless protocols as well as businesses that find traditional internet infrastructure to be lacking in their local area.

So easy to configure with a mobile service provider

While the big selling point of the TP-Link MR600 is the ability to use 4G mobile SIM cards to power the internet connectivity component of this system you’ll also be able to use this router in the traditional sense, too.

That means you can use the 4G SIM port as a bit of an emergency backup system if your traditional internet connectivity drops for one reason or another. This redundancy can be a lifesaver, particularly in business settings.

Accessible Administrative Backend

For as much advanced hardware is shoehorned into the TP-Link MR600 Wi-Fi router (and believe us, there’s a lot of cool tech under the hood of this system) it’s almost unbelievable how simple and straightforward the administrative backend of this Wi-Fi router ended up.

The entire user interface is super clean, elegant, and easy to navigate, even if you don’t have a world of experience with this kind of hardware in the past.

Easy to use and elegant GUI. Integrated SpeedTest to boot.

A Quick Set up section lets you get the TP-Link MR600 up and running ASAP, and from there you can drill down into Basic and Advanced settings to tweak, modify, and adapt your new router to your specific needs quickly and effortlessly.

Throughout the UI, helpful hints and prompts guide you to understand better the changes you are making. This is just another big piece of the puzzle that makes the TP-Link as popular as it is right now.

Closing Thoughts

The internet connectivity you’ll be able to get out of this router is going to be heavily influenced by the mobile connection you are creating with your 4G sim card and the data plan.

But as long as you have a reliable, steady signal you’ll be able to enjoy a traditional online experience with this router – so much so that most people wouldn’t even know they’re using a mobile data plan through this network unless you told them so!