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Top 4 Gaming Benefits of Adding Memory as Described by Ballistix

Ballistix Memory

An immersive and lag free gaming experience is only achieved through the support of critical components in your machine including processor, graphics and most importantly memory. Whilst each component plays a critical role, having sufficient high performance RAM removes the bottlenecks involved with feeding each of them the required resources. Considered as one of the cost-effective ways of obtaining an instant speed boost, Ballistix have drawn on their experience in this area and outlined their top four ways you can instantly benefit:

  1. Integrated graphics cards have a large dependency on memory in order to produce sharp graphics. Ballistix recommend a minimum of 8GB (16GB preferred) installed on these systems.
  2. The more memory you have, the more seamless the gameplay will be. The increased capacity provides games with the required resources to process and load items in real-time.
  3. Installing and/or upgrading memory is a very simple task and in most cases will take you less time than it does to setup an online account.
  4. Compared to other upgrades, such as gaming headsets, SSDs and keyboards, memory is one of the more affordable options.

With games increasing in complexity, Ballistix recommend their Sport memory series. The key specs of the Ballistix Sport LT include:

  • Speeds start at 2400 MT/s
  • Faster speeds and responsiveness than standard DDR4 memory
  • Four channel memory architecture maximises data rates
  • Digital camo heat spreader available in white, grey, and red
  • Intel® XMP 2.0 profiles for easy configuration
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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