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Toffee Commuter Satchel Reviewed

Messenger bags have been used way before laptops even existed – they have been found to date back to ancient times when people used what was called “relic purses” in order to deliver valuable items and mail. During the 1950’s, the importance of these bags increased as they were used by utility pole climbers to help carry their tools. In today’s world, they are a vibrant fashion piece and are available in cotton, woolen, canvas and even leather – you may know them as commuter satchels. For those of you that are looking for a good commuter satchel, we have one in store for you that we believe you may like – today, we are going to introduce you to the Toffee Commuter Satchel.


If you’re looking for a messenger bag that is stylish, then this one right here is for you. Apart from being stylish, it will also help you keep organized due to the multiple storage compartments that it has. The storage compartments can easily fit your gadgets.

Storage for Tech Accessories

If you’re looking for a good storage for your tech accessories, then this computer satchel is a great option. On workdays, business professionals have a tendency to tote around their smartphone along with their tablet and/or laptop. Using a briefcase to carry those items is a thing of the past and today, it’s not really recommended. There are other types of bags like purses and backpacks, but they’re not really suitable for tech accessories. This messenger bag, on the other hand, has more than enough room to transport your equipment to and from your office.

Carries multiple devices

Waxed Canvas

This bag has a waxed canvas, which means it is resistant to the elements, so it will help keep your gadgets and accessories safe while you’re out and about. The water-resistant canvas has a nice leather trim to it. There’s also genuine leather running along the base of the messenger bag – this is for additional protection and durability.

Padded Interior

For even more protection, this commuter bag has a padded interior. This way, the contents you carry will be protected from the daily bustle. There’s a special padded compartment that is made solely for laptops.

Who is This Satchel for?

Toffee Commuter Satchel Messenger Bag

Really, this satchel is for any individual that has a need to carry their gadgets around with them. It is a great accessory for a busy professional.

If you go for the medium satchel, it is going to fit a laptop that is up to 13”. If you have a larger laptop, we recommend the large satchel as this will fit a laptop that is up to 15”.

The messenger bag has top of the line YKK zips with distinctive pinstripe lining and leather zip pulls. This means you will be able to easily get inside of the bag without having to hassle with any type of buttons.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a messenger bag that is capable of transporting your laptop or tablet and accessories, then this computer satchel is a great option.

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