The Best Alternative Linux Distro to Ubuntu

Linux Directory ListingApart from Ubuntu, there are several other Linux Distribution or operating systems to choose from. Among the list are Elementary Os: Loki, CentOS 7 and Parrot Linux. There are more to choose from, but according to most critics, these three are among the best.

Elementary Os: Loki

Elementary OS

Loki is the latest version of the Elementary Os. This Open-Linux version of the Elementary Os is like the efficient Mac Os X. Loki is one of the most convenient operating systems to use, with its easy to navigate desktop design called the Pantheon. The best features of the Loki version are the fast and easy way to install applications that you need with the App Center and its clean and neat design. Loki is without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous interface and desktop developed by Linux. The former browser of Elementary OS called the Midori was dropped and replaced by the faster and more user-friendly Epiphany.

CentOS 7


Linux leveled up their designs for operating systems utilized for businesses. The CentOS 7 is the newest operating system product of CentOS. Instead of updates, the CentOS format focuses on stability and organization of information, making it the best one for all types of businesses. This system is also designed for advertisement, marketing, and everything that has something to do with business. The CentOS 7 is an upgraded version of the Red Hat Linux. The goal of the team who designed and programmed the CentOS 7 is to ensure efficiency and reliability. There are other distros for business like Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint. However, CentOS is easy to navigate and customize according to your preferred setting.

Parrot Linux

Parrot Linux

The Parrot Linux or Parrot Security is Linux operating system programmed to enhance the security features of computer security. Its best features include digital forensics, security programming, cryptography, and penetration testing. Parrot is derived from the system of Debian Operating System. The Parrot Linux also targets the security problem with Network Administrator.


Their differences are obvious. CentOS is for Business, Loki is for personal use and Parrot Linux is for computer security. However, there are more dissimilarities in terms of design and navigation. Loki and CentOS are easy to navigate. Simple tutorials from the Internet can turn a beginner into an intermediate user. The Parrot Linux is a sophisticated distro and difficult to manipulate. The goal for CentOS and Loki is to make organization and the usage of a computer easy for the user. The goal for Parrot on the other hand, is to protect computers and users. There is also a difference with the desktop design. Loki has a creative vibe, CentOS a plain one and the Parrot desktop design would be described as Knowledgeable. It means learning how to utilize all the apps and menu box is hard but productive in the long run.

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