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The Audiofly AF56W In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones – Light and Great

Audiofly AF56W Wireless In-ear Headphones

Top of the line wireless and lightweight headphones will ensure clear and precise music whether you are jogging around the park or walking downtown. Audiofly is known as a maker of high-end recording and stage headphones for professional musicians. This audio tech company is now offering its new AF56W that comes with outstanding range and clarity in a very small and lightweight package that you can take with you wherever you go.

AF56W Features

Here are some of the attractive features of AF56W that will make you want it:

  • Custom voiced 13 mm dynamic driver
  • Silicon and foam tips for outside noise cancellation
  • Waterproof case with plush lining
  • Microphone and volume control
  • Bluetooth wireless technology capable of audio streaming
  • AF56W Specifications

Here are some of the more important specifications of this headphone that makes it one of the best lightweight headphones in the market.

Sensitivity118 dB at 1 kHz
Frequency range20 Hz– 20 kHz
Driver Type13 mm dynamic driver
Impedance16 ohms
Magnet TypeNeodymium
Bluetooth specBluetooth v4.1 with aptX
Battery Time5 hours
Charge Time1 hour
Standby Time200 hours
Water Resistance LevelIPX4

How Your Ears Will Experience The AF56W

With their molded design and silicon-based material, the earbuds of AF56W will firmly snuggle in your ears. It comes with three sizes of interchangeable silicone tips. The AF56W is very handy for music listening even while you are on a treadmill or doing different sets of exercises. The built-in mic and volume controls will let you make phone calls hands-free. Considering its size, this wireless headphone can provide clear and precise music on the go.

Its Diminutive Size Is Not A Sound Compromise


The Audiofly AF56W comes with a compact carry case

But don’t get that statement wrong. It only means the AF56W doesn’t compromise with sound. In other words, even if the AF56W is small and tiny, in the sound department, it is huge. You can put this cute little thing easily in your pocket or a small bag because it does not take up that much space. This is why it is a perfect companion on your long trips. You will not be bothered by it and yet it doesn’t compromise with the quality of the sound that it delivers.


Some have even claimed that listening to recorded music using the AF56W is just like listening to the music while it is actually being recorded in the studio. Perhaps that is due to its impressive noise canceling properties helped by the hugging earbuds made of soft and skin-hugging silicone. Outside noise is brought down to the barest minimum. With this high-quality earphones, music is crisp and clear, where you can hear every instrument in perfect balance with the voice, whether it’s a band, a symphony orchestra or just a solo performance.

The Verdict

For its price, the AF56W is worth it. If you are someone who wants to have high-quality music while you are on the go, this is your headphone. It will provide you with great company on your trips.

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