The Aten 2-Port USB-C KVM Switch (Dock)

The power cords around my desk and next to my bed look like a spaghetti junction, and that tip I once read online about labelling all my cords for “ease of use”? Yeah, that tip didn’t work. Now I’m just confused and there’s sticky-tape residue and carpet fuzz on all my cords.

So I plug and unplug nearly everything trying to figure out what I can take out to make room for charging something else. I’m telling you, the struggle is real.

So, is Aten’s 2-Port USB-C switch the solution?

Well, for starters, it does more than just dock all your devices. It also lets you share displays and peripherals—so you can use one keyboard and one mouse across your docked devices – and it’s small enough to hide behind a pot plant or under your bed.

None of that’s going to matter if it doesn’t do its job well, though. So, in this Aten 2-Port USB-C KVM Switch (Dock) review, I’m putting it to the test.

ATEN tech delivers a lag-free experience

Switching between systems only took a few seconds, meaning almost zero downtime between tasks and no loss of functionality in either system.

Super-speedy data transfer and 4K video

Max resolution on the Aten 2-port switch is [email protected], so it’s powerful and fast enough to provide glossy, defined resolution for gaming, 4K TVs, ultra-wide TVs, and graphic work. The USB 3.2 functionality delivers consistent speeds up to 5Gbps, making it ideal for transferring data to external devices fast. If you work in a data-heavy environment, the Aten 2-port switch will do more than keep up—it’ll make you wonder what you ever did without it.

Versatile shared desktop

If you work from your smartphone the Aten 2-port switch is designed to appeal to your need for versatility. You can use the switch to create a mobile-inclusive workstation (uses Samsung technology), allowing you to work between devices. I never work from my smartphone, but I have found other uses for this functionality: like binge-watching one series across multiple devices as I go from my evening commute to my home office to my bed.

Charges everything with ease

The Aten 2-port switch easily delivers on the power front, with enough juice to charge all your devices quickly and easily.


  • Hard-wearing shell
  • Supports 4K resolutions
  • Video DynaSync delivers flawless, fast switching
  • Easy plug and play setup
  • Supports all major operating systems
  • Fast charging


  • Only compatible with post-2018 phones and devices
  • Cannot incorporate a desktop
  • Charging requires an additional USB-C Power Adapter

The Verdict

Great construction, hard-wearing, and delivers a seamless, sleek experience switching between systems. I can’t help but wonder why a tech company like Aten didn’t include desktop functionality, which would have easily elevated the 2-Port USB-C switch from nifty to necessary.

For a durable, feature-rich laptop / device switch that delivers, you can’t go wrong with the Aten 2-port, though.