Intel® NUC DN2820FYKH Kit as an XBMC Media Centre

Intel’s latest batch of NUCs are out and I took the Celeron model DN2820FYKH for a spin. For full specs, please refer to Intel’s product page. These little sub AUD$200 units seem perfect for use as a XBMC media centre. Outside the DN2820FYKH The front of the unit has a USB 3.0 port and a consumer infrared […]

Microsoft Releases Fix for December Update Bug for Surface Pro 2

Some users have reported seeing a patch from Microsoft that resolves the battery life and cover issues created by the December updates to Surface Pro 2’s. If you didn’t install the December update, you won’t see the update but for those of us that did, this is a welcomed patch. The official statement from Microsoft […]

Microsoft Issues Fix for Bricked RT Devices

Late last week, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 update for Surface RT. Shortly after, a small number of people were finding that the update was bricking their device. By the start of this week, Microsoft had pulled the update from the Windows Store. Fortunately, for those with bricked devices, Microsoft have released a recovery image which […]

Microsoft Releases Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview

Posted earlier today on the Windows Blog was the announcement of Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview. Following the preview release of Internet Explorer 11 and consumer versions of Windows 8.1, Microsoft have now also released the public preview build of Windows 8.1 Enterprise. According to the blog post, the following new features are included in the […]