Synology DS1817+ 8-bay NAS Reviewed

The much anticipated, long awaited launch of the DiskStation DS1817+ from Synology has finally happened. The upgrade to Synology’s 5 and 8-bay DiskStation, which was first launched back in 2011, the DS1817+ is another 8-bay NAS system, but it’s much more comprehensive than previous models. It has been specifically designed to centralize storage. In the […]

NAS Servers – A Primer for Beginners

NAS, which stands for Network Attached Storage, is a networked file storage device that allows you to easily store and share your data. Data is one of the most important technology assets in a home or company. Therefore, it is essential to have access to data and to be able to store data safely and […]

Synology Router RT1900ac Reviewed

The first thing people usually think of when they hear Synology is Network Attached Storage (NAS) and that’s about to change. Synology have taken what’s current in wireless technology and merged it what they know from writing NAS operating systems to bring us the Synology Router RT1900ac. Aimed squarely at those users that like to […]

D-Link DCS-6513 Full HD WDR Day & Night Outdoor Dome Network Camera Reviewed

The D-Link DCS-6513 Full HD WDR Day & Night Outdoor Dome Network Camera is about as impressive as the length of the product name. The DCS-6513, for short, is D-Link’s premier high definition professional surveillance solution that is ideal for small, medium and large organisations. Featuring a 3-megapixel progressive scan CMOS sensor with a P-iris […]

DIY Home Surveillance With Mixed WiFi and PoE Cameras

We recently looked at a simple home surveillance network with the D-Link DCS2330L and the DNR202L. In this article, we look at a slightly more complicated surveillance environment with the inclusion of the DCS4602EV and DGS-1008p Power over Ethernet switch. Storage devices from Synology (NVR216) and QNAP (TS-451+) will also be assessed for their network video […]

Synology Announces DiskStation Manager 5.2 Official Release

Synology has announced the official release of its award-winning NAS operating system, the DiskStation Manager (DSM) 5.2. “DSM 5.2 empowers home and professional users with new tools and technologies to solve their everyday needs and improve productivity,” said Derren Lu, CEO of Synology Inc. “We express our appreciation to the loyal users who participated in […]

Synology RackStation RS815 Review

Synology recently launched the RackStation RS815, a 1RU short depth rackmount NAS. This 4-bay unit and short form factor makes it a worthy consideration for the budget and space conscious consumer. Whilst it is targeted for businesses, the price point and 12” deep chassis (37% shorter than its predecessor) makes it suitable for most communications […]

Backup Data with the Synology DS1515+ and DS214+

How-to backup data with the Synology DS1515+ and DS214+ Ever experienced that moment of horror when your hard disk drive crashed or you accidentally deleted the wrong file or some other unforeseen event happened resulting in data loss? Well, it’s a good thing you had a backup right? Unfortunately, in this day and age, neglecting […]