256GB Professional 1000x microSD UHS-II (U3) Card Launched by Lexar

Lexar has announced a new microSDXC UHS-II (U3) memory card designed specifically for fast action recording. The new Professional 1000x memory card comes in 256GB capacity and is perfect for sports recording devices such as the GoPro, other camcorders and mobile devices. In fact, Lexar have already put this card through the ‘Works with GoPro’ […]

Lexar M1 microSD Reader Reviewed

The Lexar M1 is a compact microSD card reader that promises to provide an easy method of transferring content to/from your micro-USB enabled device. Some of the key features of the M1 include: Easy process to transfer content to or from the card reader Provides memory expansion to your devices Perfect for those that use […]

Lexar 64GB High-Endurance microSD UHS-I Card Reviewed

Lexar recently announced their first high endurance microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-I cards. With microSDs being popular with dashcams and security cameras, these new high endurance cards from Lexar sound perfect as they are designed for environments that have extensive write/erase cycles. This review will take a look at the Lexar 64GB microSDXC card which includes […]

Lexar Announces 256GB High-Performance microSDXC UHS-I Card and JumpDrive Products

Lexar are on a roll with announcements this week. They have just released information on their new 256GB High-Performance microSDXC card and 2 new JumpDrive products. The 256GB variant adds to their existing line up of 633x microSDXC cards. The higher capacity makes it perfect for smartphones, tablets and camcorders and capable of storing more than 9 hours […]

New microSD Readers with USB Type-C and micro-USB Connections Announced by Lexar

Following on from the new High-Endurance microSD announcement, Lexar have announced 2 new microSD card readers. Including both USB Type-C and micro-USB connections, the new C1 and M1 products provide users a flexible method of quickly and easily transferring video and photo content of Android and action\aerial cameras. Lexar outline the following key features: Easy process to transfer […]

New High-Endurance microSD UHS-I Card Announced by Lexar – Designed for 24/7 Video Monitoring

Today Lexar announced their first high endurance microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-I cards. These new cards are designed for environments that have extensive write/erase cycles such as video surveillance and dashboard cameras. Depending on capacity, the new cards are capable of recording up to 12,000 hours of FHD (1080P) video content. The key features include: High […]

Lexar High Performance 200GB microSDXC (633x) Reviewed

We live in a fairly mobile world with ever increasing storage demands as camcorders, smartphones, tablets and dashcams etc… become a part of our everyday life. Lexar acknowledged this with the release of their new high performance 200GB microSDXC card and USB reader. To provide us with the fastest possible experience, the 200GB microSDXC card […]

Lexar announce GoPro compatible microSD memory cards

Lexar have unveiled Lexar Professional 1000x and High-Performance 633x microSDTM memory cards have been accredited with Works with GoPro verification. The Works with GoPro program is designed around providing memory card manufacturers the tools to make sure their products achieve optimal performance and compatibility with the GoPro range. Lexar have specifically designed microSD cards for […]

Lexar Announces Professional 1800x microSD UHS-II Card at CES 2016

Not forgetting the photographers or mobile device users, Lexar has launched the Lexar® Professional 1800x microSDHC™ and microSDXC™ UHS-II cards. With high speed recording demands in mind, these new microSD cards are based on U3 technology to support read speeds up to 270MB/s. This should provide ample speed for the fast transfer of videos and photos. Key Features: […]