TP-Link Kasa Spot Indoor Camera (KC100) Reviewed

TP-Link’s KC100 – Kasa Smart Spot Security Camera is fondly referred to as “Always Spot On” by the organisation and also little brother to the KC120. Like the KC120, the KC100 is also: Cost effective Wall mountable Packaged with a 3m USB cable Alexa and Google Assistant compatible Installation process is exactly the same as […]

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Benefits of IoT ( Internet of Things)

IoT or Internet of Things is gradually changing the way we live and do things. These days, the application of IoT cuts across all industries and has even found its way to our homes. There is an increasing demand for IoT applications as consumers start to better understand the impact of them on our lives and […]

Evolution of Fitness Applications – From the Humble Pedometer to Today’s Smart Wearables

Technology has evolved and so has smart applications along with it. Applications are being extensively used in every sphere of life – right from your personal life to professional. You can use an application to order food, check if the ambient temperature at your home is perfect before you reach home, and track if you […]