Laser Full HD Dash Cam

With Easter upon us, it’s a timely reminder to stay safe on the roads. And if you haven’t already got a dashcam, you should look at one today. There are countless dashcams available on the market. However, if you are sitting on the fence and want to test the waters first, Laser has a great […]

Navman Releases MiVue730 and MiVue800 Dual Camera Dashcams

Navman have realeased 2 new dashcams into the Australian and New Zealand markets. With the new MiVue730 or the MiVue800 Dual Cam dashcam you can be confident that every aspect of your drive is being captured in great detail. With the MiVue800 Dual Cam you have the added benefit of a second rear HD camera to capture any incidents that […]

Christmas Stocking Ideas from Navman

With Christmas around the corner, Navman has you covered with a range of products suitable for that special someone in your life. From MiVUE dashcams to the traditional Navman GPS units, there are a range of options to choose from. MiVUE DRIVE FHD The MiVUEDRIVE FHD is a combination dashcam and GPS. It incorporates a […]