Huawei StorySign Reviewed

The Huawei StorySign is a platform that takes advantage of next-generation artificial intelligence technology. Paired with augmented reality, Huawei StorySign claims to be the world’s first literacy platform for children that are deaf – and it is a total game-changer. Children have enough of a tough time learning to read as it is, dealing with […]

Moverio BT-35E Smartglasses – Epson Launches Next Gen Augmented Reality SmartGlasses

The next-generation Moverio BT-35E augmented reality (AR) smartglasses have been launched by Epson Australia. The new devices come with a transparent Si-OLED display and features an interface unit with both HDMI and USB Type-C ports. So now you can easily connect to a wide range of output devices to immerse yourself into the world of […]

Moverio BT-300 AR Smartglasses Launched by Epson Australia

The Moverio BT-300 AR, third generation smartglasses made by Epson, has been launched in Australia. Featuring the company’s silicon-based OLED screen technology, the BT-300 AR (for Augmented Reality) delivers a truly transparent mobile augmented reality experience through one of the lightest devices currently in the market. During the Australian launch, the technology was demonstrated as […]

IKEA’s 2014 Catalog App Places Furniture in your Room via Augmented Reality

IKEA have released the 2014 edition of their catalog app to Android and iOS. Following on from their venture into augmented reality last year, this new app lets you place catalog items in your (virtual) room through the use of augmented reality functions on your mobile device. It’s great to see retailers embrace technology like […]