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Surface Power Cover

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Microsoft Type Cover

Neowin and Paul Thurrott appear to have some compelling information relating to an upcoming new addition to the Microsoft Surface family of keyboards – Surface Power Cover. The Power Cover, as it will be called until we hear the official name, is similar to the keyboards found on the Asus Transformer tablets. It will have an embedded battery that will allow users to extend the battery life on the Surface tablet. The keyboard will not work on the current generation Surface RT.

Here is what we know so far about the new keyboard:

Device CompatibilitySurface 2, Surface Pro 2 & Surface Pro
Keyboard TypeSame as Type Cover
ChargingSurface will charge while the cover is connected;
The keyboard will charge when power is connected to the Surface tablet
Battery LifeNot yet known
Weight520g (Type Cover is 250g)
Thickness9.75mm (Type Cover is 5.33mm)
AvailabilityAfter the Surface 2/Pro 2 launch

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