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STM MYTH Laptop Brief – 16” MacBook Pro Version Reviewed

Slim, compact, and designed with a very “on the go” kind of lifestyle in mind, the STM MYTH “messenger bag” style laptop carrying case is everything you could want – and then some – at a very affordable price point.

Slim and secure (as well as almost impossibly comfortable), the STM Myth messenger brief bag is well designed, made out of high-quality construction materials, and fits most laptops that have screens between 15 inches and 16 inches diagonally.

STM MYTH Laptop Brief 16″ MacBook Pro Version

Ergonomically Designed

The most impressive thing about this particular laptop carrying case is that it has been so well-designed from a storage and security standpoint without having to sacrifice ergonomics along the way, either.

Super lightweight (as we mentioned above) this laptop messenger bag features a structural design that was engineered with biomechanics in mind. The bag’s design helps you evenly distribute weight across your body when you have it fully loaded. Likewise, sling it across your shoulder when it’s empty.

Combine that with a form factor designed to fit carry-on dimensions on almost every airline around the world, and you’re looking at a top-tier “go bag” that feels great, even when loaded up.

Smart Storage

The storage system that this messenger bag takes full advantage of its design. The main pockets, secondary pockets, and a built-in divider system guarantee you can pack away all of your vital electronics without worrying about damaging them.

Cable routing systems guarantee that you’re able to keep your electronics plugged in while you are transporting them as well, and the water repellent material helps to protect your delicate devices, too.

The STM MYTH is my new favourite laptop storage bag. If you want a top-tier laptop briefcase designed with portability in mind, you want to take a close look at the Myth for sure.