STM Myth Fleece-Lined Laptop Sleeve with Removable Strap 15″ Reviewed




Build Quality



STM Myth Laptop Sleeve

Laptops have become a part of our daily lives, and we take them everywhere. A comfortable and convenient laptop sleeve makes carrying your laptop stress-free. The 15″ MYTH Laptop Sleeve is all about style, comfort, and convenience. Despite being from polyurethane, it still feels and looks great.

Protection from impact

The 15″ MYTH Laptop Sleeve is well padded to protect your laptop (or large iPad Pro like tablet) from impact. When placing the closed laptop in the sleeve you can see that there is sufficient padding on all sides. This is largely thanks to STM’s “Slingtech” protection that is focused on impact prevention as a form of protection.

Convenient compartments

STM understand that a sleeve is not just for carrying a laptop. As such, they have included several storage areas. This helps to make managing cables easy and painless.

With the STM MYTH Laptop Sleeve, you no longer have to worry about where to keep your chargers and headphones when traveling. With compartments and pockets to allow easy cable management, life is clutter and tangle free.

Easy to carry

Most sleeves are made to look like a pouch, but the 15″ MYTH Laptop Sleeve is entirely different. Handling the sleeve (depending on your style and preference) is easy. Included is a shoulder strap that you can use if your device is to heavy to carry in the traditional way.

Protects your laptop from water

Raining? Not a problem as this sleeve has a DWR C6 coating in addition to the multiple layers of polyurethane. In simple English, this means that in most scenarios, your device will be safe from the elements. That said, it’s water resistant, not proof, so don’t go throwing your tablet or laptop into the pool.

Protective water resistant material

Final Thoughts

Whatever your usage, if you value your devices, some form of protection for your laptop is a must. A laptop sleeve is a great alternative for those wanting a minimalistic or compact carry/protective case for their unit. The 15″ MYTH Laptop Sleeve from STM is both functional and affordable and perfect for those care about style and functionality. It comes in a range of colours and best of all, works a treat with my larger iPad Pro.

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