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STM Blazer 2018 Sleeve 15-16″ Version Reviewed

STM Blazer 2018 Sleeve

Ideally set up for people that need high-quality storage and security solution for their laptop while on the go without having to carry around everything, the STM Blazer strips things down to its bare-bones essentials – and does a great job of it!

A lot of the high-quality laptop storage and transportation solutions on the market today are oversized, overstuffed, and (to put it bluntly) overkill.

That isn’t going to be a problem with the STM Blazer.

Minimalist Design

Minimalist design is on full display here with the STM Blazer. The STM Blazer laptop sleeve is super transportable, very slim, and easy to tuck away during your commute or while travelling via air – all while having plenty of space to make sure that your essentials are safe too.

The materials are of high quality. The sleeve includes waterproof and water-resistant features, heavy-duty zippers, and high-density foam to protect your laptop and your electronic devices. You won’t find bottomless pits of storage in this laptop case, but the storage options included are intelligently configured and always easy to utilise.

Made to Last

You are going to appreciate the high-quality artistry on full display across the board with the STM Blazer, particularly when it comes to the water-resistant fabrics used to guarantee years of durable transportation (even in less than ideal weather conditions).

A removable and adjustable strap makes this bag very comfortable to use on a day-to-day basis, attaching to the bag itself with heavy-duty pieces of hardware that are strong and durable, too. We mentioned the oversized zippers that are probably a little bit overkill for this bag but guarantee super smooth operation and years of consistency – something that tiny zippers don’t bring to the table.

The STM Blazer is a fantastic minimalist solution for those that want to transport their laptops without carrying a lot of extra weight around with them.