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How to Speed up Adobe Photoshop

Speed up Photoshop with a Crucial SSD and RAM upgrade

If you are a graphics designer, you would be quite familiar with the delays you can experience during the Photoshop workflows on older machines. Anything from loading the Photoshop application to loading large and complex images and applying effects. A recent research study performed by Crucial confirms what most of us already know – using SSD and maxing out your RAM can give you significant boosts in speed.

These 2 simple and easy upgrades can help speed up Photoshop by making your system:

  • Boot up quicker
  • Faster transfer speeds
  • Faster application load speeds
  • Faster image load speeds
  • Faster workflows (load/edit/save)
  • Faster multitasking

Because your daily actions rely on memory, it’s not surprising to see these sorts of speed increases through upgrading memory and SSD.

According to Adobe, “Memory has a direct connection to the size of images you can work on—both in terms of pixel dimensions and in bit depth (colour accuracy). Larger amounts of memory are also often required to composite multiple images together, or to perform certain operations on them. If you don’t have enough memory to hold the images being manipulated, the system must “swap out” portions of memory to and from your computer’s hard drive, which slows down your computer considerably.”

The bottom line is, if you want to get the maximum out of your system in speed and performance, you really need to treat it with the best internals you can afford. Check out some of our previous reviews on the Crucial SSD and memory range to see what would work well for you.

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