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Sony’s New Vision Exchange is Perfect for Active Learning and Corporate Meetings

The new Sony Vision Exchange

Vision Exchange has been launched by Sony ANZ as a new intuitive collaboration solution targeting the educational and corporate sectors. Designed to be both cost effective and flexible, this new solution creative collaboration amongst students, lecturers and presenters in dynamic workgroups.

Vision Exchange is perfect for higher education institutions and corporate offices as it provides a range of useful features:

  • Suits a wide range of teaching spaces and meeting areas;
  • Allows teams to brainstorm and work collaboratively;
  • Enables content sharing wirelessly; and
  • Supports geographically dispersed teams.

In addition, the following paid licenses can increase the functionality available in the base product:

  • Active Learning (PEQA-C10) – This utilises a simple Pod PC structure and Sony’s Pod PC software (PES-C10). Supporting up to 10 groups of BYOD, Active Learning is easy to configure and scalable.
  • Remote Communication (PEQA-C20) – This allows workgroups to use standards-based video conference systems to connect to remote sites. Participants are able to share content and provide annotations on the whiteboard in real-time.
  • Streaming Output (PEQA-C30) – This has a useful feature for higher learning institutions as it allows the host to stream the content to other devices using either multicast or unicast with RTP (H.264/AAC). You can even record the session for future viewing.

Sony’s Vision Exchange will be available from December 2017 in Australia and New Zealand but you can catch a sneak peek at their stand at Integrate 2017.

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