Sony’s launches new SRG-120DS full-HD pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras

Sony is has brought onto the market a new PTZ camera – the SRG-120DS. An ideal solution to be used in corporate boardrooms, university lecture theatres, security to name a few. The SRG-210DS can be controlled remotely over IP networks, and can be used as a primary or secondary camera.


Sony SRG-120DS PTZ Camera

The SRG-120DS offers up to Full HD resolution and up to 60fps. Combined with a 71-degree wide viewing angel, ensures the clear, smooth, and fluid reproduction of the recorded images. Live streaming over IP, provides a excellent recording device for remote testimonies in judicial situations. The feature allows for seamless transmission of video and image, and can assist with reducing delays in receiving information.

In addition to be being able to be controlled over an IP network, the SRG-120DS can also be connected to Sony’s RM-IP10 IP remote controller, which will give it control of the camera’s pan, tilt, zoom with three-axis joysticks.

Improving on the SRG120DU, the 102DS comes 3G-SDI video interface. Which allows support longer cables to be seamlessly and easily connected to the device, ideal for larger rooms. The camera’s fast, quick, silent PTZ operations makes it an ideal option for noise-limited locations such meetings rooms, classrooms, hospital surgery rooms.

While there is no price point at the moment, the SRG-120DS will be available in Australia and New Zealand this April.

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