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Skullcandy Push

Skullcandy doesn’t generally spring to mind when thinking about top-end wireless headphones. It is more commonly associated with affordable (but still quality) units.

Well, with their latest set of wireless headphones, they are shaking things up from top to bottom. It’s difficult to argue that the Skullcandy Push headphones are anything but premium across the board.

Build Quality

The build quality on the Skullcandy Push headphones is a big step up from what you would have found from them previously. These are excellent Bluetooth wireless earbuds that have a premium feel and weight to them, premium finishes, and are made out of high quality and high-density plastics designed to last and last.

The charging case and storage case for the Skullcandy Push headphones is a little bit dull, but when it comes to fit and finish (thanks to the multiple cushions and adjustable “wingtips” included with these headphones) you can’t help but come away very impressed.


The new Skullcandy Push wireless earbuds take full advantage of one of the latest Bluetooth protocols.

Not only does current generation Bluetooth offer a more stable connection (particularly at longer ranges) but it’s also going to eliminate a lot of the input lag and a lot of the syncing issues that older versions of Bluetooth brought to the table.

The Skullcandy Push earbuds may be lacking auto connectivity options that feature in the W1/H1 range, but you definitely will not be disappointed in the strength, stability, and reliability of the connection these accessories leverage.

Battery Life

The folks at Skullcandy promise that you will be able to get anywhere between six and eight hours of continuous playback with these headphones on a single charge, pushing these earbuds up near the top of the better options available right now.

In practice, we were getting closer to six hours of playback than eight hours on average – but that is still pretty rock solid. You can also charge these earbuds by popping them into their carrying case and connecting via USB C.

USB C has become an almost universal connectivity option, so it’s nice to see the ability to charge your smartphone, your tablet, and other electronics with the same singular cord that you charge your Skullcandy Push headphones with as well.

Final Verdict

All in all, the Skullcandy Push wireless earbuds have excellent sound qualities, great connectivity options, and a build quality that makes their premium price tag a real value.

These aren’t the most affordable high-end wireless headphones on the market today, but they still offer a lot of value for your money.