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Singstar: Celebration for PlayStation 4 Reviewed

SingStar Celebration: Converting Your iPhone Into a Karaoke Mic

SingStar Celebration

Karaoke games have a global fan following. So it made sense for Sony to include a free app on their PSN. At its core, Karaoke works best as a social activity. And with the release of the PlayLink suite, they decided to include a paid version of the Karaoke app compatible with the new system. The PlayLink enables players to use a mobile device to connect and play select games instead of a controller. But how much fun is using your iPhone instead of a mic? Read on to find more.

Main Features

SingStar Celebration is the PlayLink iteration of the old SingStar. The main feature here is, of course, your ability to use your smartphone to sing along. The social aspect is a key highlight, as the app permits up to 8 players to join for party modes. The app also comes with a basic 30 song playlist, with the additional ability to shop for your favorite tracks on the online store.


Using the smartphone is the highlight of the SingStar Celebration experience. Unlike in other PlayLink apps, you cannot use tablets here. And nor would you want to, as the prospect of singing while holding a tablet in your hands doesn’t sound nearly as much fun as holding an iPhone like a mic. So the app downloads are only compatible with phones. The SingStar Microphone is a dedicated app that converts your mobile into a full-fledged mic. Using a controller to create playlists is a real pain, so the app has some notable advantages as well.


SingStar Celebration

This is one aspect that is pretty much threadbare for most karaoke games, and SingStar Celebration is no exception. You can watch the video of the song while you sing along, as the lyrics and bars speed across the screen. The inclusion of song bars gives you a bit more guidance for accuracy. This gives the app an edge over karaoke apps and machines that depend entirely on the lyrics.


This what makes or breaks a karaoke game. And when you release a game with a vanilla soundtrack selection, pleasing everybody can be an impossible task. The playlist of 30 songs is a very narrow selection, but the designers have cast their nets pretty wide indeed. So you have songs from across genres and time periods, but with a heavy (and understandable) emphasis on pop/rock.

The notable artists include Adele, U2, Oasis, Hilary Duff, and Britney Spears. Classics acts including Abba and Blondie add a nice retro touch to the proceedings. But of course, the Sony store comes with a massive selection of tracks as well, if you are prepared to fork out some extra bucks. Otherwise, you have no choice but to keep on singing the same 30 songs, which can get old pretty fast.

Final Thoughts

SingStar Celebration is a capable karaoke app that syncs well with the PlayLink concept. Using mobiles instead of a mic works extremely well, especially in a party setting when everyone can use their cellphone to sing along. The song list is very short, but there is always the choice of buying new tracks. It doesn’t break new ground, but SingStar Celebration is extremely good at what it does: which is creating an enjoyable karaoke app for your PS4.

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