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Setting up Rsync from FreeNAS to QNAP

Setting up Rsync to sync data from FreeNAS to a QNAP NAS is a fairly easy process. The first thing you need to do is to enable Rsync on the QNAP and assign a username and password to use:

Enable Rsync on QNAP

Enable Rsync on QNAP

The only other thing you need to do on the QNAP is setup the shares you will sync to. Next, on FreeNAS, select the option to add an Rsync task:

Add Rsync Task

Add Rsync Task

On the Rsync configuration screen that pops up, fill the necessary information. On the top of the task configuration, a couple of things to note:

  • Path – don’t forget the “/” at the end of the path, this will ensure that the contents of Pictures (FreeNAS) will go to the root of Pictures (QNAP). Without the slash, on the QNAP you will end up with Pictures/Pictures
  • Remote Module Name –  the name of the QNAP share you setup. For a long path with spaces, you will need to use quotes
Add Rsync Task Pg1

Top of the Rsync task configuration

Towards the end of the task configuration, the following items are of note:

  • User – this should be the username you configured on the QNAP in the Rsync section
  • Delete – tick this if you want deletes to sync as well
  • Extra options – here you can specify where the password file is located on the FreeNAS server and also where to write the sync log file. The password file should be just a text file with nothing but the password you configured on the QNAP for Rsync. For security reasons, don’t forget to set the appropriate file permissions on this file


Add Rsync Task Pg2

Bottom of the Rsync task configuration

That’s it, click OK and enjoy syncing between a FreeNAS and QNAP NAS.

17 thoughts on “Setting up Rsync from FreeNAS to QNAP”

  1. Hi Noeneel,

    Having a lot of trouble with trying to setup the same thing today. Essentially followed your instructions, but it seems the rysnc.pwd file is the culprit. I have tried creating this through the freenas shell as i originally created via windows explorer. I cannot get the file to be chmod’d to 600 so rsync throws up an error. I have also tried < passwd-file with no joy.

    Is the issue that the rsync.pwd file exists on a windows share? Any insight you can give would be greatly apprecicated! 🙂


  2. So i can change the file group and owner to that of the rsync user no problem. This was done via the shell in Freenas GUI.

    However any attempt to run “chmod 600 rsync.pwd” in the shell, responds with “operation not permitted” Is this because i am trying this via the freenas shell? is this because i created the file via windows and only windows sharing is enabled?

    I presume that I do not need to setup a freenas module given i am only syncing from Freenas to QNAP?

        1. I have four shares on QNAP but will backup only one, thats called “DatenServer” to the FreeNAS. But how can I backup only the one and not all four.

            1. Hi Noeneel , I am trying to do exactly what your example , if you don’t mind I just need little help in clarifying
              When you indicate that

              •User – this should be the username you configured on the QNAP in the Rsync section .
              Do I create a user with the same name on the FreeNas that exists on the QNAP ?

              •Extra options – here you can specify where the password file is located on the FreeNAS server and also where to write the sync log file.
              Are the file name and extensions *.pwd and *.log required exactly as you have them , or can they be what ever ? , and did you find that the log file was auto created at the location in the extra options or did I need to create it?

              When I run the Rsync Task , there is no activity in the log file I created , there are no errors that I can find

              I do appreciate any help that you can give me , if you have time

              Kind regards


              1. Hi, yes it should be the same user and password on both sides from memory. Sorry it’s been a while and i haven’t used FreeNAS in some time now.

                The filenames can be whatever you like. I used those extensions for simplicity. I don’t recall having to create the log file, I thought it created it during the sync. You can create a blank file if you like using the “touch” command.

            2. Hi Noeneel,

              I have a problñem backup rsync to Qnap of Freenas.

              I read your guide, but i have a errors in the log file.:

              The errors are:
              [42248] rsync: could not open password file /mnt/tank/rsync.pwd: Permission denied
              [42248] rsync error: syntax or usage error (code 1) at authenticate.c(187) [sender=3.1.3]

              – Other question the rsync.pwd file inside are paste user:pass in the textedit of windows is correct?
              – My extra file put this:


              Is correct?


            3. Hello all. I followed your guide. Unfortunately, when executing the task on the TrueNAS side, the following error appears: “rsync: failed to connect to ( Operation timed out (60). Rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c ( 127) [sender = 3.1.3] “.
              Also the command “rsync IPMyQnap:” ends with an error:: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12)

              As if there is no rsync service running on Qnap.

              QNAP: TS-212 and FreeNAS-11.3-U5
              What can cause these errors?


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