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Sennheiser’s HD 458BT Reviewed

What are Sennheiser HD 458BT headphones? 

Sennheiser has released the latest and greatest wireless headphones. They aren’t just any headphones, 458BT headphones are better than any that have come before. The look of these headphones is super contemporary and stylish. They are fully foldable, and the sound projection of the headphones is phenomenal. 

Sennheiser HD 458BT headphones come with the incredibly well known Sennheiser sound. They are equipped with a noise cancellation setting, which is perfect for travelling or listening to your favourite tunes while in a busy place. They also have incredible 30-hour battery life. 

Sennheiser HD 458BT

These headphones will enhance any music lover’s listening experience and bring a sense of music magic into everyday life. 

Sennheiser HD 458BT special edition, over the ear headphones, has been given a new look. The unique red accents elevate the style of these headphones, taking the minimalist style one step further. 

Features and advantages of Sennheiser HD 458BT headphones. 

Being foldable makes these Sennheiser HD 458BT headphones perfect for when on the go or travelling because you can fold them up to pop in your bag or travel case. It also makes them more durable with less chance of breaking. They also take up barely any room when folded up. 

Sennheiser HD 458BT headphones are super lightweight feeling, but still durable and of premium quality. 

The headphones’ earpads are well padded; they are comfortable to wear and don’t make your ears go numb or start to hurt like a lot of headphones can. 

At the bottom of the earpad on the right, there is a USB-C charging port. There are buttons to control the music, and calls, as well as a button, to engage Siri or Google assistant.

30 hours of noise cancellation time is rather impressive, and once the 30 hours have run out, you are still able to use the headphones just minus the noise cancellation. 

The noise cancellation feature is excellent for blocking out noise from the outside world. As well as blocking noise from inside your home, or if you are out shopping, or even on a plane. They are the perfect headphones for any nervous flyers; you can turn the noise cancellation on and imagine you are anywhere but on a flight. 

The sound quality of Sennheiser HD 458BT headphones is fantastic, Sennheiser are well known for all their products having superior sound quality so you wouldn’t expect anything less with these headphones. The quality of the sound with the 458BT’s is even better than any before.

You feel as if you are listening to the music live when using the Sennheiser HD 458BT headphones, as the quality of all the instruments and vocals is insanely excellent and life-like. 

Final verdict of the Sennheiser HD 458BT headphones. 

 Overall, the Sennheiser HD 458BT headphones are of a luxury, and elite quality. The look and design of the actual headphones are super stylish and premium. The sound quality is even more impressive, with great attention to detail regarding the sound of bass and vocals. 

These headphones are perfect for any avid music lover; they provide outstanding listening quality with a noise cancellation option with a battery life of 30 hours and comfortable to wear.