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The Right Network Camera Choice for Wireless Networks: IC-6230DC by Edimax

EdiMax IC-6230DC

In recent years, people began to seek out cheap alternatives to security monitoring for their homes and offices. In order to keep these locations safe while people are away, cheaper alternatives have started popping up that rely on wirelessly communicating cameras. Most of these cameras record in real-time and provide push notifications to phones and tablets. One such model that performs these tasks with ease is Smart’s IC-6230DC.


One of the best features of this camera is the easy installation it presents. It essentially sits over a door, in between the top of the door and the frame, on a door hook. It records information with ease, and it can connect to any network wirelessly. Additionally, this camera offers night vision for up to 1.5 meters away from its hanging location. The set-up works on a plug-n-view thought process, which means set up does not take much time at all. It will film a video in Motion JPEG format, which is stored on an SD card. This card can be removed and plugged into any computer with ease, meaning the files are easy to access and view. Finally, this Smart camera also offers enhanced motion detection by using passive infrared sensors. These motion detections provide push notifications to tablets and smartphones with ease, which makes surveying an outward facing door a lot easier.


As mentioned previously, the design of this camera is meant to act as an over the door hook. It simply sits on top of the door and is held firmly in place with a balanced weight between the camera and the wireless connector and data storage port that sits inside of the house. A wireless router connects to the camera from any computer, so files can also be viewed in real-time if need be. Furthermore, the design of this camera provides two-way audio. With this case being present, homeowners and business owners can survey specific doors and speak with people in real-time as well. The real-time video displays as 640 x 480 VGA video quality. The wireless receiver that plugs into any computer is small and compact in design. Therefore, it will not take up much room next to or behind computers.


One of the main features people enjoy about this camera is they can check in with the camera remotely from their smartphones and tablets while the camera records in real-time. This 24/7 access adds a sense of ease and comfort that most homeowners enjoy while being away from home. Things such as deliveries and unwanted visitors can be tracked during any time of day, especially with the night vision feature. The over the door design fits securely into any door frame, so long as the door frame has a gap wide enough to support the hook. Older homes might not offer this feature, which would negate the purpose of this camera’s easy installation.

However, the motion sensor push notifications are a bonus that other cameras do not necessarily offer. The motion detectors will take triggered snapshots of the scene before the camera and share these pictures to any tablet or smartphone. Hence, people do not need to worry about missing deliveries or planned visits from other people while they are away.

This camera also stands up to the elements rather well, and the camera does not fog up during cold mornings.

Final Thoughts

This camera is a great option for homeowners and business owners looking to cut down on costs for security monitoring. It does provide real-time video and two-way audio, which makes it a great asset while people are away from homes and offices. Whilst the video quality is not to the standards of a dedicated surveillance system such as Dahua, this camera is a nice prospect for the budget price bracket it falls into.

The Edimax IC-6230DC is available from the following Australian retailers:

For our US/Canadian based readers, hit up the Amazon link in this topic grab one.

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