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Review of the Logitech K480 – Most Affordable Multi-Device Keyboard?

Most people these days have to interface with multiple gadgets. These can include iPads, a MacBook/laptop, smartphone, and maybe even a good old desktop, all in a single day. And a keyboard that can work with all these different platforms is a very useful accessory to have when you are in school or the uni. Tablets and even laptops do not offer you the best typing experience that a full-size keyboard can. Can the Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 fill this void? Who is it best for? Read on to find out more.

Design and Feel

K480 Selection Dial

This is a multi-device keyboard with a long slot at the top for jacking in your iPad or mobile device. The keyboard is available in black and white colors. The black has neon green accents, while the white keyboard is more subdued with grey accents. There is a very curvy or circular feel to the whole thing, with markedly rounded keys, and a prominent round knob on the left to switch between devices. Overall build quality is consistent with the budget price.

Main Features & Specifications

This is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. To keep the price low, Logitech has opted for AAA batteries instead of a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack to power the device. The keyboard requires two batteries and comes preinstalled with them.

Cross-platform compatibility is pretty strong, with support for Windows (7,8, 10) Mac (OS X or later), and Chrome OS. On the mobile front, iOS (5 and above) and Android (3.2 or later) are supported. To ensure smooth functioning with multiple OSes and platforms, the keys have split functionality. For instance, the top row includes media control, as well as back and home keys for Android devices. Alt and Cmd keys are interchangeable, for those occasions when you switch between Windows and OS X.

The keyboard measures 7.68×11.77×0.79 in its actual dimensions. And it is not too light, weighing in at nearly 1.8 lbs. The Bluetooth has a max range of around 33 feet.

Installation and Performance

The slot or cradle at the top is wide enough to house one iPad and smartphone simultaneously in portrait mode, or a single iPad in landscape mode. Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust viewing angles. But usage, when the keyboard is on a work desk, is quite hassle-free.

iPhone with a K480

Pairing devices a smooth experience. It uses regular Bluetooth pairing procedures, and the round knob/dial above the Esc key can be used to switch between three devices. To switch between connected devices simply twists the dial to one of the three available positions.

The main issue with the Logitech K480 is its feel and feedback when typing. There is a fair amount of travel between the keys. And there is a very audible click whenever a key is pressed. It will take some time to get used to that sound.

Though the keys feel cheap, they are rated to last for roughly two years with constant use. The two batteries should also last as long, meaning that this is a very power-efficient device.

Final Thoughts

The Logitech K480 is fantastic because of the versatility it provides at a very cheap and affordable price point. This keyboard is great for school and office use if you have multiple devices to connect.

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