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Rapoo V500L Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Reviewed


Rapoo VPRO V500L LEDs

The RAPOO VPRO V500L is a full-size backlight keyboard that is designed specifically for gaming. It offers mechanical keys that are intended to offer tactile feedback and responsiveness that is more conducive for gaming. It features an intelligent adjustable display that is comprised of RGB color. The keys are extremely durable, offering a 60 million cycle life, which means that they will last a long time, even though the most intense gaming sessions.


The keys are completely programmable and the keyboard itself offers onboard memory profiles that are easy to configure. The Intelligent RGB illumination will allow you to customize your experience with more than 16.8 million color combinations. For example, you can mark the keys according to color in order to keep better tabs on your game commands. And, every letter key is illuminated, so you’ll be able to see what you’re doing.

This keyboard is highly durable, gives you reliable control of your commands, and is ergonomically designed to enhance your comfort during those highly intensive gaming sessions.

Design and Build

A tremendous amount of thought was put into the design and build of the RAPOO VPRO V500L Mechanical Backlit Gaming Keyboard. Most notably, the non-conflict design makes it possible to access any amount of keys at the same time, which means that every command you enter will be register exactly as you want it to be, and those commands will be executed quickly.

Rapoo VPRO V500L Keys

This keyboard also offers full media control. The Fn keys are easily accessible and make it possible to access all functions on a dime, including your homepage, your media player, and even your volume adjustment. Every key is backlit and can be programmed to your choice of color. Plus, the brightness of the color can be easily adjusted so that you can achieve the ideal setting for your specific needs. Lastly, the stainless steel base, the spill-resistant design, and the mechanical keys allow for a single key life to last through up to 60 million operations, thus ensuring you have a highly durable and highly reliable keyboard.

Rapoo VPRO V500L Braided Cable


This gaming keyboard offers a wealth of features, some of the most notable of which include:

  • Anti-ghosting capacity, allowing you to enter the most complex commands in your game with ease
  • Onboard memory, save and play
  • Easily accessible Fn keys
  • Highly responsive keys
  • Intelligent RGB illumination that is fully customizable with more than 16.8 million colors
  • Fully-key programmable

Final Thoughts

Overall, the RAPOO VPRO V500L Backlit Gaming Keyboard is well-built and well-designed, making it an excellent choice for gamers who want to enhance their experience and get the most out of their play time. The keys are highly responsive, the backlighting allows for easy customization and more enjoyable use, and the durability ensures that you will be able to rely on this keyboard for a long time.

The Rapoo V500L Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is available from the following Australian retailers:

For our US/Canadian based readers, hit up the Amazon link in this post to grab one.

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