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Rapoo V280 Optical Gaming Mouse Reviewed

The Rapoo V280: A Budget Gaming Mouse with Some Neat Features

Performance-oriented gaming peripherals do not come cheap. The top-rated gaming mice offer serious gamers the performance boost they need in competitive arenas. For the casual or average gamer though, they might be overkill, especially when they are on a budget. But regular mice are far too dull and do not look good with a gaming rig. The Rapoo VPro V280 gaming mouse looks like it is made for gamers on a budget. Let’s check it out in this short but in-depth review.

Design & Build Quality

The V280 is an old-school USB mouse. Wireless can jack up the price, so that seems like a logical design choice for a budget gaming mouse. It looks and feels sturdy and is solidly put together. The arc or curve of the body is very neutral, and Rapoo claims that this is an ambidextrous mouse. Though it is very comfortable to hold with either hand, Rapoo has kept the extra buttons on the left side. So this mouse will work better for right-handed players.

The rubberized bits on the side have a textured finish and provide excellent grip. On top, the matte black surface looks good, with two buttons and a ridged scroller wheel in the middle. Below the wheel is a small DPI button to cycle between DPI settings.

Rubberised Wheel


No gaming mouse is complete without flashy lights, and the V280 does not disappoint in this regard. It comes with breathing LED lights on the curves, capable of displaying 16 million colors. While some mice go overboard with lights that annoy or distract the user, Rapoo has managed to avoid that with the V280. The light is very soft and not at all distracting.

Special Features & Performance

Rapoo V280 Optical Gaming Mouse

As this is a budget-oriented gaming mouse, corners have been cut to keep the costs low. The main casualty is the sensor. Instead of the latest and greatest laser sensor, the V280 gets an optical sensor under the hood. But it is no slouch and works perfectly fine on a mousepad. But don’t expect it to perform equally well on transparent surfaces like glass.

The mouse supports multiple DPI settings, peaking out at 7000 DPI. The dedicated button on top is a great feature. It allows users to quickly cycle through the DPI settings without having to open the software settings.

There are five buttons on the mouse, and they can all be programmed to perform specific actions. But another interesting feature on the mouse is the onboard chip and memory. With these, the mouse can store some settings inside the device itself. When plugged into different PC the settings are retained. This helps avoid the need to program the mouse everytime it is plugged into a new PC.

The V280 is a plug-and-play device. It doesn’t require advanced software installation to work. Using the mouse is an entirely hassle-free endeavor. It works smoothly right out the box. It also has some other minor features like a touch-sensitive function. The backlight reacts and responds when the mouse is touched. Though not a performance-enhancing feature, this makes the mouse more interesting.

Final Thoughts

The Rapoo is a very affordable gaming mice, ideally suited for a budget gaming rig. Due to the use of an optical sensor, it cannot compete with more advanced laser mice and will lag behind in serious multiplayer gaming sessions. But for casual gaming and single player experience, it packs enough punch to keep most gamers happy. And it also packs some advanced features like DPI cycling button, plug-and-play, and persistent settings. They ensure that users get a proper gaming mice experience even on a budget.

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