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QNAP QuWakeUp: QWU-100 Reviewed

QNAP QuWakeUp: QWU-100

Are you tired of having to manage the power state of multiple devices physically, going around and turning them on or off daily? Sometimes numerous times each day? Then the odds are pretty good that you’ll be interested in everything the QuWakeUp: QWU-100 has to offer.

The QuWakeUp: QWU-100 is designed and engineered to significantly streamline the wake-up and shut down processes of all your internet-enabled hardware. The functionality extends to legacy “smart home” technology and allows you to automate the process from top to bottom while almost eliminating the need to turn on these devices at all physically.

With networking technology, including a POE Interface and LAN support across two different networks – this is maybe the easiest way to have remote control capabilities to wake up your devices.

Let the possibilities sink in for a moment:

  • No need to call someone at home to turn on or turn off otherwise internet-enabled devices so that they’re ready to use when you get there.
  • No longer have to worry about energy consumption issues by leaving critical devices on 24/7
  • Never again worry about essential devices wearing out faster because they are left powered on 24/7

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

In an enterprise setting, you don’t have to worry about:

  • Trying to track down every single device you need to power on at a specific point in time
  • Manually booting up every device you are repairing, maintaining, updating, or upgrading
  • Notifications getting lost in the shuffle just because devices may have the incorrect power state

You can see where this would be wildly advantageous.

Great Supporting Software

The hardware of the new QNAP QuWakeUp: QWU-100 is specifically designed to handle a range of remote-control workflows. Likewise, QNAP has integrated some great software as well.

QNAP QuWakeUp: QWU-100 Dashboard (Image Source)

The QWU-100 is easy to install. You’ll have total control over every device that you add to the QuWakeUp: QWU-100 almost immediately after installation on your network.

Once configured, you’ll be able to create individualised and completely customisable wake-up and power-down schedules. The custom schedules apply for each device, category of device, or the entire network – or anything else you can come up with – to fit your specific needs.

QNAP QuWakeUp: Create Custom Schedules (Image Source)

Best of all, the included free mobile application allows you to have complete and total administrative control from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

QNAP QuWakeUp: QManager App (Image Source)

Final Thoughts

QNAP has continued to push into other markets outside of storage devices. The QuWakeUp: QWU-100 does a great job of offering remote power capabilities for legacy devices. If you need to streamline your workflow and automate it from top to bottom, this is the way to go!