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Portal Knights PS4 Reviewed

Portal Knights

If you’re a Minecraft fan, and love crafting games, you’re in for a treat. Portal Knights is a crafting and adventure game, with a very strong RPG vibe to it (more on that later).

First Impressions

Now, before we really get into this review, I have to tell you that this title is not one of those games you like instantly. You kind of have to give it a chance, but it grows on you really quickly.

Take the options screen for example:

You have three character classes available to you: Warrior (an introductory class geared towards a beginner player), Ranger (a more advanced class) and Mage (geared towards a gamer with a good amount of experience). Each one of those classes you can choose the gender of your character.

You can also tweak your character’s hair, face, eye color, outfit, etc., but the number of options available are limited.

Portal Knights Customising Characters

Portal Knights Customising Characters

If you’re able to get through the options screen without getting too discouraged, you’ll get to the game part, which is where the fun starts.

The Gameplay

Portal Knights Gameplay

Each one of the character classes I’ve mentioned before will give you an extremely different gameplay. On top of that, as you level up in the game, you’ll be able to craft bigger and better items.

The graphics are absolutely stunning, and the controls were smooth on our PS4 Pro. Also each enemy you face has completely unique AI, which keeps you on your toes and forces you to take a unique approach towards every monster or boss you fight.

You can play Portal Knights online with up to four friends in a four-player co-op, or offline in a two-player split screen. This is particularly useful when fighting Portal Guardians, which can be virtually impossible to beat if you’re on your own. Each Portal Guardian also comes with their own, unique hard mode variance, which are even more challenging, and require even more skill and experience to beat.

Crafting or Action RPG?

To be honest with you, I’m having a really hard time deciding which category Portal Knights belongs to. The game is a little bit of both.

For example, you have first and third person combat, talents that you need to develop, various character classes which come with points, monsters and bosses to ace as well as levels to conquer, all of which you will typically see in an RPG game.

Similarly, there’s a very strong free-form feel to the game with its randomly generated worlds and dungeons, as well as complete freedom to explore and craft within them.

You have the ability to collect plants and seeds, cut down trees and take full advantage of your environment just like you would in a crafting game, so it’s a very difficult choice.

With that said, let’s move on to the final question…

Is Portal Knights Worth It?

This game is extremely addictive and very fun.

Like I mentioned before, some of the options are lacking, especially as you try to really customize your character, but that’s pretty much the only downside. Once you get into the actual game, it is pretty much impossible to put down.

Grab this title if you’re having a party with a few friends or enjoy playing online.

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