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Peel Case for iPhone 7 Plus Reviewed

Peel is one of the thinnest and lightest weight iPhone case on the market. The majority of iPhone cases are big, bulky and heavy, which detracts from the streamlined design of the iPhone. The makers of Peel heard consumers’ complaints about other cases, and they came up with a solution: A case that is specifically designed to provide the protection that is needed to prevent damage to the iPhone, but that doesn’t weight it down or add unwanted bulk. This case is intended to keep the look and feel of the iPhone intact while providing it with added security. It’s a minimalist case; so much so that you will likely forget that you have a case on your iPhone at all! The case is just .35 mm thin, which allows it to seamlessly wrap around your phone.

While the Peel case will protect your iPhone from scratches thanks to the small bumper that surrounds the front of the iPhone, it doesn’t look to protrude enough to offer protection for the screen. Unfortunately, that means you still run the risk of shattering the screen, especially if it is dropped a great distance.

This review takes a look at some of the range for the iPhone 7 Plus.


The Peel case for the iPhone 7 Plus is designed to provide a layer of protection for your phone without adding extra bulk and weight, which most of the iPhone cases do. The result of the streamlined design of the case allows you to fully enjoy the streamlined design of your iPhone. Since it’s a phone case, it doesn’t boast a tremendous number of features, but there are some that are worth mentioning:

  • A raised edge that extends over the front edges of the phone to protect some protection to the screen
  • A raised space that extends around the camera on the phone, which helps to prevent damage to the camera lens
  • It lacks any additional design, which helps to create the illusion of the absence of a cover
  • Reviewed units were the following three different colors: Black, Jet Black and Black Out

Peel Super Thin Black Cases – Jet Black, Black and Blackout


Overall, our first impressions were great. We were extremely pleased with the way the Peel cases feel paper thin and lightweight. This prevents adding bulk to the iPhone and allows you to enjoy the streamlined design of the phone. I found it to be a nice layer of protection without being obtrusive.

Final Thoughts

The Peel case for the iPhone 7 plus is thin and sleek. Thanks to the streamlined design, you don’t have to worry about adding extra bulk to your phone so you can enjoy it without having it being obstructed by a thick, bulky cover. Additionally, it is much more affordable than a lot of other thin iPhone 7 plus covers.

That said, on some occasions, the Peel case felt a bit too thin. Thus, it doesn’t offer the same level of comfort around the screen protection. However, cases for iPhones can be big and bulky, and while they do offer great protection, they can make the phone too bulky, too heavy and can detract from the ease of use. Since the Peel is as thin as paper, yet sturdy, it offers the protection that you want without the extra bulk that you don’t.

If you are on the market for a case for your iPhone that will protect it without hindering its look and feel, the Peel is an excellent option to consider.

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