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Optus Cashes in on Tap and Pay

Google Wallet and Android Pay have been around for a while now, allowing users to use virtual wallets on the mobile phones to use contactless pay at places that pay-pass.

Commonwealth Bank have their have integrated mobile NFC payments into their mobile app, and with Apple Pay launching in Australia sometime in 2016. Optus has decided to throw their hat in the ring. Optus have launched a range of smartphone accessories under its Cash by Optus platform.

Cash by Optus

Cash by Optus Wristband

The lineup consists of three different accessories. The first accessory is a sticker designed with iOS in mind but will work with Android devices. The NFC-enabled sticker, attached to the back of a smartphone, connects with Cash by Optus app.

The second accessory is a Cash by Optus sim card for compatible, NFC-enabled Android devices. When inserted, the sim card allows users to make contactless payments.

The final accessory is a strange one. It is a dedicated NFC-enabled wristband. The wristband allows users to make payments without their smartphones.

To use Cash by Optus, users will be required to transfer money to their Cash by Optus account before being able to spend the money through any of the accessories. By comparison, Google Wallet, and Android Pay both connect to the users’ bank account.

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